Tricks  to ensure that  you sail through the call of duty warzone  solo mode

Yes, with Warzone cheats, you will be able to enjoy playing the solo mode of the Call of Duty Warzone game. Get the tricks that most professional players use, and you will be useful to apply your cheats and enjoy the game.

Play more defensively

You will not have the luxury of teammates when playing in solos,  so you have to minimize the risk of you dying the much  you can. That means that you will need to play more defensively to help in remaining alive.

Some professional players try to remain on rooftops to achieve this, but you don’t have to go that extreme. You can ask yourself if it is worth entering a particular engagement before doing so.

If you manage to gun down one or two players, it is possible to attract other players to come to your side. You have to always aim at advantageous positions before you enter any engagements and make sure to reposition after you have been through a tough fight, and that is the time to utilize the Warzone cheats.

Stay alert

Though it could sound obvious, it is straightforward to forget that there are about 149 players who are on the map and can kill you at any time. You always have to remain alert whenever playing solo.

There are no teammates to watch your back or shout out when they see things. It is all upon you to spot the enemies for yourself. When making a landing, you have to consider where most of the players are going and whom the ring is enclosing on.

With such, you will make informed decisions on where the enemies are going and from which direction they will b moving. Using Warzone cheats,  suppressors as well as locational items like UAVs, it might make your survival or odds much higher.

Use ghosts

In Warzone, the ghosts seem to be the strongest perk, making the user undetectable by heartbeat sensors, radar drones, and UAVs. When playing in solo mode, then the effect is even more substantial.  Towards the final rounds of Warzone, the UAVs are very common, meaning it might be advantageous to have immune from them.

While you might be thinking that everyone will be utilizing this particular perk, there are only a few who do so, with more opting to use high alert or overkill. For skilled players and confident in their positioning, the ghost is the best perk to embrace.

You can utilize deployable cover

The match’s tide can be changed by using field upgrades as they are compelling equipment items. Most of them tend to gravitate towards dead silence to get silent footsteps, but most of those playing ignore the benefits that come with the deployable cover.  Get to know everything and combine it with the Warzone cheats, and you will be at the top of the game.

Beau Martinez

Beau Martinez

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