What Is The Primer And What Is The Importance?

Before understanding what is a primer is or the importance of a primer in paint, let’s think a bit about painting. Even when we talk about face painting, makeup, or artistic painting, it is necessary to understand that not every surface is the same. So, who makes makeup needs to deal with all types of skin? So, makeup for oily skin is not necessarily the same one applied to someone with dry skin. This is because the skin absorbs the substance (or not) in different ways.

However, when we think about art, the surface options get even more differentiated. Some people paint clay, ceramics, asphalt, concrete, canvas, paper. The possibilities are not endless, but they are quite varied.

Therefore, when we come into the realm of residential painting or any work, the question of the surface becomes very important. This is because, visually, any unevenness or previous painting over the painted place makes a marked difference. Furthermore, depending on the surface material, the paint finish is not the same.

In this context, the primer appears as a solution to prepare any surface to receive a painting. It is, therefore, a chemical solution that must be applied to a surface before it is effectively painted. However, it is worth noting that a different type of primer paint (สีรองพื้น which is the term in Thai) can be used depending on the surface to be painted.

The Importance Of Primer In Quality Painting

Furthermore, since different types of paint require the use of different types of primers, we have a wide range of possibilities available for you to choose from. Just identify your need and find out which product you need. At the end of the painting process, you will see that it is necessary to value primer’s importance in painting. It is worth noting that the technique is also crucial in addition to investing in material to have incredible results.

Beau Martinez

Beau Martinez

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